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Vol. 12, Issue 5 2019.



 578-587     Public day care centers as a functional approach to the care and education of toddlers in Nigeria: a

                   proposal to Nigerian government.

                   Anero, N.


588-597     Undergraduate nursing student’s satisfaction with nursing program.

                   Jalal, K., Hussain, M., Afzal, M., & Gilani, S. A.


598-607     Deviance behaviour among students in tertiary institutions.

                  Ololube, A. O., & Dibu, A. V.


608-619     Gender representation in four corners series: language curriculum analysis perspective.

                   Azami, M.


620-631     The Role of Administrators in Efficient Management of the University System in Nigeria.

                   Aniagboso, I. A.


632-640     Impacts of adolescents’ behavioural indices on effective teaching and learning of science and

                  technology in secondary schools in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State.

                  Okwara, K. O., & Upu, F. T.


641-649     Marketing as a trend in 21st century librarianship.

                  Tom-George, N. W., & Okechukwu, B. U.


650-663     Factors Affecting the Clinical Performance of Nursing Students.

                  Mukhtar, F., Afzal, M., Hussain, M., & Gilani, S. A.


664-679     Principals’ leadership strategies and the performance of public secondary schools in Rivers State.

                  Normakoh, B. E.


680-699     The Nigeria blue economy: Prospects for economic growth and challenges.

                  Elisha, O. D.


700-731     Human Resources Strategies and Employee Job Performance in Rivers State University.

                  Iromole, Q. I.







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