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The mission of the International Journal of Scientific Research in Education (IJSRE) is to be the premier journal on educational issues. To this end, IJSRE emphasizes quality and relevance in the papers it publishes. In addition, IJSRE recognizes the international influences on the education domain and its development. Therefore, IJSRE seeks global input in all aspects of its endeavour, which includes content, authorship of papers, peer review process, readership, and its International Editorial Board Membership.


The International Journal of Scientific Research in Education (IJSRE) is a meeting point for the dissemination and explanation of research findings by practitioners, researchers and academicians to the multifaceted problems associated with education. The journal is written and published for an international audience of practitioners, researchers and academicians. IJSRE invites the submission of manuscripts with a strong applied orientation in any topic in education and non-education domains applicable to education. Manuscripts may be, but are not limited to, empirical articles and theoretical and methodological papers. Applied value and other innovative formats are also considered. IJSRE is published three times a year on the Web. Our goal is not simply to provide an Internet accessible version of a journal that appears in print. Rather the journal intends to exploit the electronic medium to its fullest degree.


Authors are highly encouraged to submit their manuscripts as attachments via e-mail to the editor-in-chief (editor.ijsre@gmail.com, submission.ijsre@gmail.com or editor@ijsre.com) or to the managing editor (admin@ijsre.com). The journal’s instructions for authors should be consulted. Paper submissions are accepted but not encouraged. Only in a few, well-justified exceptions will the journal accept submissions in paper form with an enclosed file on a diskette or other digital media. Upon receiving your manuscript the Editor-in-Chief will review the paper for focus and format. Should the manuscript be found appropriate, the paper is assigned to two independent reviewers and an associate editor who will make recommendations on it. Once the manuscript is accepted, its style will be checked once more and the manuscript will be scheduled for publication in the coming issue on the Web.


Further inquiries should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief:


Professor Jacinta A. Opara

International Institute of Sociology of Law

Onati, Spain.

Web site: www.ijsre.com

E-mail(s): editor.ijsre@gmail.com , editor@ijsre.com




The Managing Editor


Prof. Prince Nwachukwu Ololube

Department of Educational Management

Faculty of Education

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, P. M. B. 5047, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

submission.ijsre@gmail.com, admin@ijsre.com




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